Upsilon Amber

March 27, 2008

So the Upsilon Amber is currently in the primary fermenting slowly but steadily. This is the first batch with my newly converted cooler/mash tun, allowing me to sparge properly and nearly doubling efficiency. We’ll see what it does for flavor. I rested a bit higher than usual at 67C, hoping to get more mouthfeel for the style. Used a modest hop schedule partly due to the abnormally weak selection at the LHBS (damn blight and shortage) and partly for stylistic purposes.

I used Wyeast’s Northwest Ale yeast a.k.a. Hales Ales yeast on this one. I usually use dry yeast, having had great success with Safale US05 in the past, but figured I’d try something a little different. The fermentation never got really vigorous like normal, but it’s been bubbling at the same rate since Saturday. I’m really looking forward to tasting this one. It’s not the usual hop monster I’ve been brewing, and I’m shooting for a nice balanced drinkable pale ale just a tad on the maltier side. The only other malty beer I’ve ever brewed was an oatmeal stout that was just great IMHO. Fermentation stalled and it was mashed a bit high, but good nonetheless.

Here’s the recipe for the amber, I ended up with about 6.5 gallons:

Upsilon Amber

Upsilon Amber

Recipe Upsilon Amber Style American Amber Ale
Brewer Craig Batch 6.50 gal

Recipe Characteristics

Recipe Gravity 1.058 OG Estimated FG 1.013 FG
Recipe Bitterness 37 IBU Alcohol by Volume 5.3%
Recipe Color 13° SRM Alcohol by Weight 4.2%


Quantity Grain Use
5.00 lb American two-row mashed
1.00 lb Crystal 80L mashed
1.00 lb Belgian Aromatic mashed
4.00 lb Light malt extract extract
Quantity Hop Form Time
0.50 oz Cascade pellet 60 minutes
0.50 oz Cascade pellet 30 minutes
1.00 oz Crystal whole 60 minutes
Quantity Misc Notes
1.00 unit Wyeast Northwestern Ale smack pack
1.00 unit Irish Moss clarifying
1.00 unit Brewing salts tsp


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