May 28, 2010

Hey everyone. It’s been a while. I was too busy brewing over the holidays to update the blog, then I had to finish up my research and write my dissertation, get my Ph.D., get a job, look for a new place where said job is, move, get engaged, and become an uncle all within a 2 month period. I’ve been busy.

Anyway all the brews over the holidays came out great. I think the Simple Pole was really good, I’d like to try the recipe w/o the pumpkin just to see what the base beer is like. The Alpha this time was phenomenal. Definitely a keeper, no more tweeking needed for that one. The Triple Beam was amazing as well. I’m planning on brewing it again this weekend, with a few minor tweaks to the grain bill. I’ll be using Belgian pils for the base instead of the pale I used last time. This will afford me some lattitude in the color to use some Belgian aromatic. I really like this malt and use it in just about all of my recipes.

Last weekend I brewed the Super Gamma Ray IPA. I substituted some Biscuit malt for the Victory, which is the same thing, I believe, as Victory is a trade name for Biscuit. I also omitted the wheat malt. It’s been bubbling away happily with some WLP001. I’m keeping it fairly warm at about 69-70F for some ester production and to dry it out a bit. I’m not really a fan of chewy IPA’s.

The weekend before last I brewed my innaugural Seattle beer. After getting the brewery all set up and scouting the local homebrew stores (Bob’s Homebrew is within walking distance and is awesome) I brewed a Saison. This too has been happily fermenting, but with the Wyeast 3711 French Saison yeast. I held it in the mid 70’s for 3-4 days then ramped it up to about 80F and held it there for about a week. I’m pretty sure it’s done, but I’m waiting on some mail order kegs before I do anything with it. This beer will hopefully be served at my wedding in the Fall, along with the 35 gallons of American Pale Ale I’ll be brewing in collaboration with my brother at Pinelands Brewing Company. Stay tuned…


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