My attempt at an android application

November 2, 2011

As a theoretical scientist I do my fair share of programming, including some work on commercial software, so I’m no stranger to writing programs. Most of my programming is algorithmic in nature and is fairly low-level, not requiring any sort of SDK or interfacing with anyone else’s code. I write the lion’s share of my code myself starting from scratch. Given my experience I thought creating a simple android application would be a breeze. I don’t think I could’ve been more wrong.
First, I had to learn JAVA. My language of choice is C++ so it wasn’t too much of a stretch, but the syntax, structure, and complete lack of useful documentation was a big pain. Then I had to learn SQL and worry about layouts etc… Writing scientific programs is a much more fundamental undertaking. I started trying to write a beer recipe creator app but quickly found myself in over my head. I then backtracked and started with a much more simple app to keep track of the beer in my cellar. This is a much more manageable task to learn the ropes. It’s still in the works and needs to be polished, and I have a few more things I’d like to implement, but as of now it’s fully functional. It doesn’t do much more than keep a database of the beers you have in your collection, but it works.
Here are some screenshots. This is the main screen with a few beers in the list, showing the brewery, the particular beer, year, and how many you have:

A long click will delete the particular beer, while a simple click will bring up more info on that particular beer as shown here:

As you can see you also have the option of attaching a picture of the bottle from your phone’s gallery. You can edit the information from this screen by hitting the menu button, and then the “edit beer” icon. The following screen opens for the beer shown above:

This screen is the same one used to add new beers to your list from the main screen.

That’s about it at the moment, but I have a few more things to put in. I’d like to enable multiple lists, tasting notes, ratings, etc… If you’d like to test it out for me, you can download it here.


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