Old Insulator Imperial ESB

November 7, 2011

Kegged the latest batch of Insulator tonight. I originally formulated this recipe as an olde ale, and the last time I brewed it, it fit the style nicely. This time around, though, I lowered the original gravity (from 1.092 to 1.081) and fermented a few degrees warmer to kick up the ester production. The result is a beer that is lower in alcohol (8.9% vs 7.4%), a bit drier, and a much more lively presence.

The aroma is of fruit, leather, and tobacco, while the flavor is distinctly English with a solid malt backbone and a strong bitterness that lingers just long enough. I’m thinking this is more of an Imperial ESB rather than an olde ale. What’s the difference you may ask? I don’t think this newest version would cellar as long as an olde ale due to its lower alcohol content, and it is decidedly more fruity and drinkable. It’s really not like any beer I’ve had before, straddling the line between ESB/olde ale/IPA/IIPA. This is a great beer for the lover of Americanized ales who wants to try an English beer, but with an American kick.


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